014: Crisis-proofing your Profile with Jonathan Hemus  

Beyond The Bio by Sophie Milliken

Episode notes

Have you thought about planning for a crisis that may damage your brand or business’ reputation?

In this episode, I chat to Jonathan Hemus, founder of crisis management consultancy Insignia. He works with leaders of businesses around the world to ensure they do and say the right things under the intense pressure of a crisis.

Jonathan is a trusted media commentator on breaking crises for media including Al Jazeera, BBC TV and radio, CNBC, CNN, the Daily Telegraph, Management Today, Sky News, the Sunday Times and the Wall Street Journal.

We cover good and bad brand management, along with useful hints and tips on how to prepare for a crisis. Whether it’s social media trolling or a cyber-attacker demanding a ransom, Jonathan has got you covered.

Let’s go Beyond the Bio.

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