The Betrayal Recovery Transformation Podcast

by Jenn Howie & Kris Rocha

Welcome to " The Betrayal Recovery Transformation Podcast," where hosts Jenn Howie and Kris Rocha explore the complexities of betrayal and offer guidance on how to recover and transform from its aftermath.

Through candid conversations and interviews with experts in the field, Jenn and Kris delve into topics such as healing from betrayal trauma, rebuilding trust, and helping individuals uncover their unique identities.  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Building Resilience with Dr. Steve Stephens

    Building Resilience with Dr. Steve Stephens

    In this power-packed installment, we're honored to host the distinguished Dr. Steve Stephens, a seasoned psychologist with over 35 years of experience and the author of an astounding 45 books! Dr. Steve is not only a renowned life coach but also a captivating speaker, university teacher, and a true expert in the art of turning trauma into triumph.Join us as we embark on an enlightening conversation with Dr. Steve about a subject that lies at the heart of resilience. In a world filled with challenges, setbacks, and betrayals, building resilience becomes essential. Dr. Steve's wealth of knowledge and expertise will help guide us through this journey of personal growth, empowerment, and transformation.Discover the keys to bouncing back from adversity, learning from life's toughest moments, and emerging stronger than ever before. Dr. Steve's profound insights and practical advice are not to be missed. Whether you're navigating the aftermath of betrayal or simply seeking to enhance your resilience, this episode offers valuable wisdom for all.S - Self-careO - OptimismL - LearnI - IdentifyD - DreamG - GratitudeO - Offer (pay it forward)G - GiftsP - PassionsS - Strengths" We are the image of God ... and dirt." - Dr. Steve StephensDr. Steve's new book: A World Away From Home can be purchased on Amazon: with Jenn & Kris:www.healingwiththehowies.comwww.watermarkcoach.comThis podcast is produced with the support

  • Unveiling Your Story with Ashley Sears

    Unveiling Your Story with Ashley Sears

    In this inspiring episode of the Betrayal Recovery Transformation Podcast, we are honored to welcome Ashley Sears, the founder of Stories Unveiled. Join us as Ashley shares her deeply personal journey, which led her to uncover the transformative power of storytelling and inspired her to create an annual conference dedicated to helping others find freedom and purpose in the telling of their stories. In her words, "The Stories Unveiled Conference was designed to break down the walls around our stories and create a place for women to share their lives and how God has redeemed them."Episode Overview:Introduction:We're delighted to have Ashley Sears, the visionary behind Stories Unveiled, join us as a guest. Through her own compelling narrative, Ashley invites us to discover the beauty and strength that emerge from sharing our stories of pain and triumph.Personal Story Ignites a Passion:Ashley delves into her own past, sharing pivotal moments that sparked her journey of healing and self-discovery. Her personal experiences not only laid the foundation for her resilience but also ignited the fire that led to the creation of Stories Unveiled.Unveiling Stories Unveiled:Learn about Stories Unveiled, an annual conference that empowers women to find purpose within their narratives and break free from the chains of their past. Ashley's passion for creating a safe space for sharing, healing, and growth shines through as she describes the heart behind this transformative event.Transformative Power of Sharing:Ashley shares how opening up about her own story allowed her to connect with others on a profound level. She reveals the liberating impact of vulnerability and how it has the potential to create an unbreakable bond between individuals who have faced similar struggles.Finding Freedom Through Storytelling:Discover how Stories Unveiled provides a platform for individuals to step into their truth and embrace their stories – both the pain and the triumphs. Ashley's insights highlight the importance of giving voice to our experiences and how it can lead to profound healing.Connect with Stories Unveiled:Ashley directs listeners to the Stories Unveiled website ( where they can learn more about the conference, its mission, and how to participate.Coaching with Jenn & Kris:www.healingwiththehowies.comwww.watermarkcoach.comThis podcast is produced with the support

  • Story Spotlight: Kris Rocha

    Story Spotlight: Kris Rocha

    Welcome to another episode of "The Betrayal Recovery Transformation Podcast," where we feature a compelling and hopeful story in our "Story Spotlight" series.Your co-host, Kris Rocha, opens up about her challenging upbringing within a complex family system centered on image, and how she found healing, freedom, and transformation through the unexpected catalyst of betrayal trauma.Kris shares the tools and strategies she employed to break free from toxic patterns and "get the fork out", emphasizing the power of forgiveness, reconciling her God concept, and understanding her God-purposed and respectfully created identity.Tune in to hear Kris's inspirational journey of recovery, gratitude, and resilience, and learn that God truly does not waste our pain.Coaching with Jenn & Kris:www.healingwiththehowies.comwww.watermarkcoach.comThis podcast is produced with the support

  • Story Spotlight: Jenn Howie

    Story Spotlight: Jenn Howie

    In this heartfelt episode of The Betrayal Recovery Transformation Podcast, your host Jenn Howie opens up about her personal journey – a journey that has shaped her into the compassionate advocate for healing she is today.Jenn shares a powerful narrative that sheds light on the complexities of betrayal, the arduous path to recovery, and the profound transformation that's possible when we find the strength to heal. Her courage in sharing her vulnerabilities creates a space of connection and understanding for listeners on a similar path.Join us for this intimate and moving episode as Jenn Howie shares her story. We hope you'll find hope, help, and a healing dose of encouragement.Coaching with Jenn & Kris:www.healingwiththehowies.comwww.watermarkcoach.comThis podcast is produced with the support

  • A Betrayal Survival Guide

    A Betrayal Survival Guide

    Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Betrayal Recovery Transformation Podcast with your hosts Kris Rocha and Jenn Howie. In this episode, we're diving deep into the tumultuous journey that begins when you've just discovered your partner's betrayal. Whether you're just starting on this path or need a reminder along the way, this episode acts as a survival guide to help you navigate the trauma you're experiencing and help you find your way to healing quickly.Episode Overview:D-Day and Betrayal Trauma (01:04)Where Do I Go When D-Day Happens? (05:55)Understanding Pain Shopping (10:00)Nurturing Your Soul Through Soul Care (13:51)Discovering Additional Resources (20:58)LINKS:Coaching with Jenn & Kris:Watermark Coaching with Kris Rocha: with the Howies, Jenn Howie: Recovery Organizations: Pure Life Alliance: Broken: Adventures: Workshops: Communities: Desire Ministries: Shoe Foundation: Podcasts:The Living Truth: Sex Radio: & Theology: The Betrayal Bind: Boundaries & Goodbyes: Beautiful Again: "Am I Not Enough?" Question (24:29)Will It Always Be This Way? (30:16)Learning to Trust Again (34:39)