EP04: Caity Kramer BTS On Refreshing Your Brand & Providing An Excellent Client Experience

Behind the Business Podcast With Manali Sontakke by Manali Sontakke

Episode notes

SHOW NOTES HERE: http://manaliphotography.com/btb-podcast-interview-with-cait-kramer-on-creating-an-excellent-wedding-client-experience/

I loved chatting with my good friend Cait Kramer on all things rebranding and specifically how to serve your wedding clients with the best possible photography experience!

Caity is a wedding and brand photographer calling Baltimore, MD home! She lives for bright colors, vibrant joy, and definitely couldn't live without her morning mug of jasmine green tea. Caity loves working with couples and creative small business owners with a vision, sharing everything she knows with them to help them make the most of their ... 

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