Word from Bear Creek

by Brook McBride

A weekly podcast from Bear Creek United Methodist Church, Woodinville WA. Pastor Brook McBride

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • In the Flow

    In the Flow

    See how the Holy Spirit guides us into Her flow

  • Science/Law meets Spirit/Wind

    Science/Law meets Spirit/Wind

    Meet the Holy Spirit

  • Strong Core, Soft Knees

    Strong Core, Soft Knees

    How do we cultivate strength in the midst of sorrow? We build a strong core and soft knees.

  • Under Her Wings

    Under Her Wings

    We celebrate Mother's Day with a look at the mothering aspects of the Holy Spirit

  • Unlock Your Story: Liberation!

    Unlock Your Story: Liberation!

    Listen as Pastor Brook talks about being liberated from our story!