The Two Noble Kinsmen: The Two Ignoble Podcasters

Bard Flies by James A. Smith, William C. Quinn

Episode notes

In Shakespeare's final -- yes, final -- play, he returns to where he started with the plight of noblemen in love with the same woman. Working again with John Fletcher, Shakespeare borrows from Chaucer for a tale set in ancient Greece featuring duels, delusions, exposure therapy, and prayers to the gods that get answered like the wishes on a monkey's paw -- but all in the service of a story that ends happily. (Except for the guy who gets thrown from his horse and dies in his hour of triumph.)


  • Intro Music: Jon Sayles, "The Witches' Dance" (composed by anonymous)

  • Outro Music: Jon Sayles, “Saltarello” (composed by anonymous)

  • Illustrative Excerpts: Arkangel / BBC, “The Two Noble Kinsmen” (2006)

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