Podcast episodes

  • Episode #3 - NOW HIRING

    Episode #3 - NOW HIRINGExplicit

    Following the tragic passing of all 3 of my cohosts, I (Jimmy) try to hold down the fort solo. Join me as we (I) talk about some new gaming news, the news of my cohosts passing, and some possible job opportunities!

  • Episode #2 - The Lost Episode

    Episode #2 - The Lost EpisodeExplicit

    This episode was recorded in 2019 and was set to be our debut video podcast. We recorded our conversation & shenanigans, saved it to a thumb drive, then it was swiftly lost to the cosmos. Many years later, I finally found the long...

  • Episode #1 - THE RETURN

    Episode #1 - THE RETURNExplicit

    After a long 3 years, the gangs finally all back together (minus Matt). Join us as we catch up and talk about.. interesting.. topics. (released 12/21/21)

  • Episode #0 - PILOT

    Episode #0 - PILOTExplicit

    Join Jimmy, Rob, Matt, and Chace in our first podcast! Mind you, this was a test episode and it is very raw/unorganized. In the future they will be edited and more organized... I hope.