Bad in BedExplicit

by Gabrielle Kassel and Bobby Box

Bad in Bed: The Queer Sex Podcast is a sex-positive podcast hosted by sex educators and journalists Bobby Box (he/him) and Gabrielle Kassel (she/her). Every week, the two tackle a topic near and dear to their hearts and loins, sharing their (s)experiences and chatting with industry experts. From sex toys, strap-on sex, and fisting, to sexual identity, painful sex, and loose genitals, Bad in Bed is the (queer) sex ed you never h ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Kink with Lina Dune (@AskASub)

    Kink with Lina Dune (@AskASub)

    In the season two finale, Gabrielle (@gabriellekassel) and Bobby (@bybobbybox) talk boundaries before being joined by Lina Dune, the brilliant and elusive educator behind the massively popular online persona Ask A Sub. The three discuss how to communicate your kinks, what dom/sub space feels like and delve into Dune’s relationship as a 24/7 collared sub.

  • Queering Sex Toys with Kristen Tribby

    Queering Sex Toys with Kristen Tribby

    Gabby (@gabriellekassel) and Bobby (@bybobbybox) begging the episode with an honest chat about anxious attachment theory regarding bisexuality before being joined by Kristen Tribby, the Head of Global Marketing at Fun Factory, about the ever-evolving world of sex toys. They discuss why people should adopt a non-linear mindset regarding sex, the hottest sex toy trends during the pandemic, and queering sex toys for all orientations and gender identities.

  • Geography and Queerness With Kai Werder and Vivian McCall

    Geography and Queerness With Kai Werder and Vivian McCall

    Gabby (@gabriellekassel) and Bobby (@bybobbybox) invite sex educator Kai Werder and senior producer of the Bad in Bed podcast Vivian McCall for a roundtable talk on how location impacts queerness and hookup culture. They discuss whether queers are sluttier in the city, what it’s like navigating queerness in a rural town, and much, much more.

  • Sex and Drag with Tynomi Banks

    Sex and Drag with Tynomi Banks

    Gabby (@gabriellekassel) and Bobby (@bybobbybox) talk about the queer tradition of friends pre-approving nudes before chatting with legendary drag performer Tynomi Banks (@tynomibanks) about sex in drag, what it’s like navigating dating apps as a gay celebrity, and whether Tynomi feels sexiest in or out of drag.

  • Purity Culture with Erica Smith

    Purity Culture with Erica Smith

    Gabby (@gabriellekassel) and Bobby (@bybobbybox) open the episode with a frank discussion about taking nudes before inviting sex educator and the creator of the Purity Culture Dropout Program Erica Smith to talk about the adverse effects of growing up with purity culture, how it specifically effects queer people, as well as advice on how to identify and unlearn its harmful messaging.