Badass Lady-FolkExplicit

by Christine Stoddard

A talk show about women & NB femmes kicking buns big & small—mainly in New York City but sometimes other places, too. Hosted by writer/artist Christine Stoddard, voted one of Brooklyn Magazine's Top 50 Most Fascinating People. A creation of Quail Bell Press & Productions.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Andie Fuentes

    Andie Fuentes

    Host Christine Stoddard interviews actress Andie Fuentes, star of "Mi Abuela, Queen of Nightmares" at The Tank, about theatre and growing up Mexican-American.

  • Melissa Joseph and Alyssa Meadows

    Melissa Joseph and Alyssa Meadows

    This is the audio from the second videocast of Badass Lady-Folk, featuring host Christine Stoddard in conversation with visual artists Melissa Joseph and Alyssa Meadows. They discuss the inherent politics of being a female artist, how they approach photography in their work, what needs to change in the contemporary art world in terms of gender equity, and more. This episode was filmed with the support of Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) in New York City.

  • Melanie Goodreaux and Fiamma Piacentini

    Melanie Goodreaux and Fiamma Piacentini

    From the first videocast of Badass Lady-Folk, this episode features host Christine Stoddard in conversation with theatre-makers Melanie Goodreaux and Fiamma Piacentini. The television version will air on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) and be made available on YouTube. © Quail Bell

  • Meredith Binder

    Meredith Binder

    Host Christine Stoddard interviews actor/writer/director Meredith Binder about her previous career as an engineer and her time in the Peace Corps. © Quail Bell.

  • Julia Real

    Julia Real

    Host Christine Stoddard interviews Julia Real about her experience studying abroad and then working at Accademia Dell'Arte in Italy. © Quail Bell.