Badass Lady-FolkExplicit

by Christine Stoddard

A talk show about women & NB femmes kicking buns big & small—mainly in New York City but sometimes other places, too. Hosted by writer/artist Christine Stoddard, voted one of Brooklyn Magazine's Top 50 Most Fascinating People. A creation of Quail Bell Press & Productions.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Simply Vika

    Simply Vika

    Badass Lady-Folk host Christine Stoddard interviews New York rapper, singer, poet and photographer, Simply Vika. This episode was recorded at Manhattan Neighborhood Network. © Quail Bell, 2024

  • Mehrnam Rastegari

    Mehrnam Rastegari

    Badass Lady-Folk Mehrnam Rastegari

  • Seann Cantatore

    Seann Cantatore

    Badass Lady-Folk - Seann Cantatore

  • Amanda DeLalla

    Amanda DeLalla

    Amanda DeLalla

  • Tara Bracco & Karla Brewer-Jackson

    Tara Bracco & Karla Brewer-Jackson

    Badass Lady-Folk's Christine Stoddard interviews Tara Bracco & Karla Brewer Jackson from Poetic People Power