by Rebekah Marie

BAASAC (Before and After, Stories About Change) is the podcast that is one-half storytelling and one-half problem solving. There are a lot of really smart people out there doing really smart things that have the potential to make our world a much better place. BAASAC features those stories through various works of media that are compelling, unique and useful. We help tell the stories that are making positive change. Why the ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 002: Starting a Business with Cat Wright

    Episode 002: Starting a Business with Cat Wright

    This week, Cat Wright of Cat Wright Style shares her story about starting out on her own in the fashion industry in Los Angeles, and finding the creative space to take on the challenges and responsibilities of representing her clients in an industry where political, economical, and social affiliations have never been more visible. Show Links:

  • Episode 001 Eco-Anxiety with William Gagnon

    Episode 001 Eco-Anxiety with William Gagnon

    This week we have a story from Yellowknife, Canada, involving eco-anxiety, the melting permafrost, and something called biochar. I’m talking today with William Gagnon, an engineer specializing in climate action and decarbonization. Links from the show: Summer of Smoke, 2014, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Chief Drygeese Territory) TEDxMontrealWomen : Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Dr. Courtney Howard 2017 Please subscribe, and if you have time, please give us a review on apple podcasts so that others can find our show. You can also find original articles on

  • BAASAC Podcast Trailer

    BAASAC Podcast Trailer

    Before and After, Stories about Change (BAASAC) is launching a podcast! BAASAC is an online platform for sharing stories about things that have changed, are changing, or people want to see change. We are inspired by the stories of our past and committed to creating new stories that will inspire future generations. And now we’re bringing you those stories and conversations in a podcast. Please subscribe, and we look forward to sharing new stories with you very soon. Stay well everybody. And thanks.