S01 E76 - Episode 76: Microsoft Security Research Insights

The Azure Security Podcast by Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriguez and Mark Simos
In this episode Michael, Sarah, and Mark talk with guest Negar Shabab. We also discuss Azure Security news about new Confidential Computing VMs, SQL Server, T-SQL Parsing, Auditing in Azure SQL DB, Sentinel and more.Make sure you go to The Microsoft Azure Security Podcast (azsecuritypodcast.net), because Mark ordered pizza during the reco  ...  See more
May 03 2023

Welcome to the Azure Security Podcast,
where we discuss topics relating to security,
privacy, reliability, and compliance on the Microsoft Cloud Platform.
Hey, everybody. Welcome to episode 76.
This week, it's myself, Michael, with Mark and Sarah.
We have a guest this week,
Nagar Shabab, who's here to talk to us about Microsoft Security Research.
But before we get to our guest,
let's take a little lap around the news.
Mark, why don't you kick things off?
So a couple of things that I've been focusing on
lately that I thought would be of interest.
The first is a call out and request.
So the new version of
the Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture or MCRA is in development.
So I'm working on that quite a bit lately.
Definitely got a plan for all the things that we're doing in there,

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