S01 E67 - Privileged Access

The Azure Security Podcast by Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriguez and Mark Simos
Michael and Sarah talk to Bronwyn Mercer from Microsoft Australia about Privileged Access as well as some ideas and processes to help you succeed. Also, the latest security news about Managed HSM, Defender for DevOps, TLS and ARM, SQL Server 2022, Application Gateway.Finally, 'Designing and Developing Secure Azure Solutions' is now availa  ...  See more
Nov 24 2022

Welcome to the Azure Security Podcast,
where we discuss topics relating to security, privacy,
reliability, and compliance on the Microsoft Cloud Platform.
Hey everybody, welcome to Episode 67.
This week is just myself, Michael and Sarah.
I'm going to guess, Bronwyn Mercer,
who's here to talk to us about privilege access.
But before we get to Bronwyn,
why don't we take a quick lap around the news?
Sarah, why don't you take things off?
Okay. So, yeah.
So, first, I've got one bit of,
it's news and also an ask to folks.
So, you may know that at Ignite,
we announced the preview of Defender for DevOps.
So, we're actually asking folks to go and try the preview
and actually give us your feedback on it.
So, we'll put the link to the questionnaire
in the show notes.
It can be anonymous as well,
so y

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