S01 E57 - Microsoft Sentinel Content Hub

The Azure Security Podcast by Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriguez and Mark Simos

In this episode, Michael, Sarah and Mark talk to Roey Ben Chaim about Microsoft Sentinel Content Hub. We also cover the latest security news about Exchange Online, Microsoft Entra Permissions Manager, MSTICPy, Purview DLP, Azure Monitor, Backup and App Insights.

Jul 12 2022

Welcome to the Azure Security Podcast,
where we discuss topics relating to security,
privacy, reliability,
and compliance on the Microsoft Cloud Platform.
Hey everybody, welcome to Episode 57.
This week it is myself, Michael and Sarah Mark.
Gladys is still taking a little bit of time off.
We also have a guest this week,
Rui Ben Haim, who's here to talk to us about Sentinel Content Hub.
But before we get to our guest,
why don't we take a little lap around the news?
Sarah, why don't you kick things off?
The day that we are recording this,
Microsoft Entry Permissions Management,
which I definitely mentioned a few episodes ago, is now GA.
If you don't remember what that is,
it's a new platform for managing permissions
for any different identity across different Clouds.
That's across AWS and GC

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