S01 E54 - Azure SQL Managed Instance Windows Authentication

The Azure Security Podcast by Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriguez and Mark Simos
In this episode Michael talks to Sravani Saluru who is a Senior Program Manager in the Azure Data Platform, about Azure SQL Managed Instance and Windows authentication support which is in preview. We talk about where SQL MI fits in the SQL family, as well as how to configure SQL MI so your one-prem client can access SQL MI in Azure seamle  ...  See more
Jun 14 2022

Welcome to the Azure Security Podcast,
where we discuss topics relating to security, privacy,
reliability, and compliance on the Microsoft Cloud Platform.
Hey everybody, welcome to Episode 54.
This week is myself, Michael.
I'm actually here by myself with our guest.
We're trying a little bit of an experiment here.
So for those of you who don't know,
a few weeks ago, I actually moved into a new team.
I moved out of Microsoft Services,
I was working mainly with our customers on
securing their Azure workloads,
and I moved into the Azure Database Security team.
Fantastic move for me.
I've always had a love for engineering at the back end,
and this is just an opportunity I just could not turn up.
By the way, there's no coincidence there when Thomas Weiss was on.
He and I had a few discussions i

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