Episode 28 - WoW's Actual Subscriber Count

Azeroth United - A World of Warcraft Podcast by Denethar

Episode notes

This week we're going to discuss Wrath Classic, Season of Discovery Phase 3, Dragonflight Season 4, and the current state of World of Warcraft subscribers.

Show Segments:

4:50 In the News (Season of Discovery Phase 3, and Wrath Classic!)

21:56 This Week in Dragonflight!

30:24 Something New (10.2.6 and Dragonflight Season 4)

58:54 Weekly Rant (WoW's Actual Subscriber Count)


Report: WoW's Actual Subscriber Count & Blizz's Official Shadowlands Post-mortem


Phase 3 Preview | Season of Discovery | World of Warcraft

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