Awaken The Wyldsage

by Deborah Anderson

When can you own that you know enough and have the courage to forge your own path with your innate wisdom? From navigating the labyrinth of self-awareness, to stepping away from external authorities so as to trust oneself fully and step into their own truth, our guests share intimate accounts of their personal odysseys through open conversations with our host Deborah Anderson. We unravel the layers of reclaiming sovereignty  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Menopause with Tamu Mosley

    Menopause with Tamu Mosley

    A conversation about the diverse experiences that women go through when on the menopausal journey with our Wyldsage founder @deborahandersoncreative and Tamu the founder of @wholistic_shine ✨ Tamu has intentionally nurtured a plant centered lifestyle for the past 27 years that has deeply informed her journey as a kitchen alchemist, a home herbalist & herbal maker and a budding flower essence practitioner. Tamu is founder and CEO of Wholistic Shine (established in 2014) and Uchū Botanical (established in 2018). She is deeply nourished by a consistent self care practice & plant centered lifestyle that includes preparing healthy plant based meals, natural skin care & herbal remedies in her ‘kitchen healing laboratory’, seasonal wholistic detoxes, yoga, connecting with nature, circling in ceremony, working with flower essences as well as other plant medicines. Tamu is passionate about a wholistic approach to living by bringing more mindfulness and intention to daily choices along with cultivating wellness practices that support mind, body and spirit. She is honored and humbled to support others on their wellness journey by inspiring, educating and empowering them within her Wholistic Shine and Uchū Botanical offerings.

  • Illumination with Stacy King

    Illumination with Stacy King

    Illuminating the pathway with our Wyldsage founder Deborah Anderson, and Stacy King, a psychotherapist working the Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique. Stacy has always lived outside the box looking to expand and learn new things. As a graduate of NYU Social Work School, she knew she wanted to work with people to help guide them to find the best parts of themselves. She has worked as a psychotherapist since 2007 in an outpatient mental health clinic treating a range of issues from trauma to anxiety and depression along with people having existential questions and spiritual awakenings. Although she was classically trained in psychotherapy, she uses an eclectic approach to meet her clients where they are at. In 2013, she was trained by Dolores Cannon @dolores.cannon.official in her technique called Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique, where the client explores past lives and connecting to their higher selves. She has found this work to be incredibly transformative and healing for many. In 2020, she embarked on a year-long intensive trauma-based training called Compassionate Inquiry developed by Dr. Gabor Matè @gabormatemd. It is a mind-body approach to recovering the authentic self through a process that guides the client back to wholeness and truth. More information about her and her work can be found here:

  • Visionary Art with Sheila Darcey

    Visionary Art with Sheila Darcey

    What is it to be a visionary Artist? What is it to be a channel? What is it to use your Dream-time as a place to imagine your reality? From Channeling art with messages that enhance your wellbeing to being in the liminal dream space for our first podcast episode Deborah Anderson is in conversation with SketchPoetic founder Sheila Darcey, an innovator, visionary artist and author of the book 'Sketch by Sketch'.