A Voice In Violet: Trailer

A Voice In Violet by Philly Chick Pictures - Written & Directed by Curt Wiser - Produced by Brooke Lewis Bellas - Starring Brooke Lewis Bellas, Nikki Blonsky, Eric Etebari, Special Appearance by Wilson Jermaine Heredia, With Nelson Lee, And Bronson Pinchot

Episode notes

A little Teaser before you enter The Driftwood...

Violet, a damaged singer whose dreams were shattered, headlines at The Driftwood, an infamous Hollywood club. The comfort of that stage is not enough when her traumatic past comes to visit. Bash, her manipulative former music manager, and his pop star girlfriend, Charlotte, destroy Violet's career. With everything taken away from Violet, all she has left is to seek revenge. Things get more complicated for Violet when Wang, the love of her life who broke her heart and sense of trust, visits her at the club. This bittersweet symphony is also composed of Salim, Violet's protector, and Lopez, an unhinged stalker. What will happen of Violet, those who stand in her way - and the voices in her head?