S01 E30 - Motorcyles are cool?

Center for Auto Safety Podcast by Center for Auto Safety

A 17 year old special guests tells us why he wants a motorcycle, Fred explains physics to him and explains airbags to us. Plus Tesla is full of self driving.

Jan 19 2023

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Anthony: Okay. So regular listeners, you hear me lament all the time about my son and his idea of I want to get a motorcycle

It causes his poor mother to have heart palpitations. She’s left the state we live in cuz she’s so traumatized. So he’s our guest this week for a bit. And so a day. Please tell people why you as a 17 year old living in Manhattan wants a motorcycle.

Adey: Okay. First of all, I think it’s most important to.

Get this first point outta the way. It’s cool. motorcycles are cool. That’s a universal fact. I think that’s objective. Even if they’re not safe.

Fred: But let me just ask you if they’re cool when they’re vertical or if they’re cool when they’re horizontal. , yes.

Adey: I think bo

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