S01 E29 - Edge Case Research

Center for Auto Safety Podcast by Center for Auto Safety

This week we are joined by Mike Wagner and Ben Lewis from Edge Case Research.

They are working on making AV's safer and providing insurance to AV companies.

Jan 12 2023

Anthony: Welcome to another episode of the Center Auto Safety Podcast.

And this week we’ve got special guests, Mike Wagner, c e o of Edge Case Research, and Ben Lewis, VP of Edge Case Research. And so briefly, my understanding of what you guys are doing is working to ensure automa automated AV vehicles. I can never get any of these acronyms correct but so self-driving cars, you guys are

Mike Wagner: putting insurance on this.

Yeah. Thanks guys for having us on the show. Really appreciate the opportunity. Yeah, so Edge Case is a startup company headquartered in Pittsburgh. We got folks throughout the globe. We got an office in Munich and folks like Ben throughout the country. We started the company to try to make autonomous vehicle technology safer.

I come outta Carnegie Mellon Universi

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