An Interview with Grace Sammon

Authors Talking Bookish by Donna Norman-Carbone and Hope Gibbs

Episode notes


Join us as we interview Grace Sammon, accomplished author, editor and radio show host. We talk about the many hats she wears in the publishing industry and the lessons she learned the hard way.



What is the one question you think writers should ask themselves when embarking on the writer’s journey?

How does one prepare for the success of a book?

What advice would you give an author about creating a brand and sharing it on social media?

With the many hats you wear, can you offer some advice about time management?

You have mentioned your strategy for throwing “spaghetti against the wall” to see what sticks. What caused you to establish that strategy and how has it worked for you?

Which has been both the most difficult and the most beneficial lesson you learned the har ... 

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