Writer’s Block: Is it real? Episode 010

Authors Talking Bookish by Donna Norman-Carbone and Hope Gibbs

Episode notes

Is writer’s block a real phenomenon? Or is it a story you tell yourself when you aren’t writing?In this episode, we’ll discuss our thoughts and experiences surrounding writer’s block, what others say, and provide you with some tips to keep the words flowing.SHOW NOTES:According the the New York Times article “How to Beat Writer’s Block,” by Maria Konnikova,psychologists deem it a real phenomenon. The term was introduced in the 1940s by a psychiatrist named Edmund Bergler who claims writers are blocked psychologically and need therapy to become unblocked. In the 1970s, two Yale professors Jerome Singer and Michael Barrios did a study that showed anxiety, depression, perfectionism, OCD, and self-doubt were the result of blocks to writing.Not all blocked writers fit into these categories, however.What are some characteristics of Writer’s Block?

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