Showing vs. Telling: When are they appropriate? Episode 9

Authors Talking Bookish by Donna Norman-Carbone and Hope Gibbs

Episode notes
You’ve heard the old adage: Show NOT Tell. Is it true? What are the benefits to showing not telling in writing and when it is appropriate to tell? We’ll provide insight into the differences between showing vs. telling and advice regarding when one is most appropriate.SHOW NOTES:Showing- when a writer slows down a scene to provide clues as to action and concrete descriptionTelling- providing exposition by abridging time or details thus providing a summaryExamples of eachWhat matters most to the story?
  • The benefits of showing
  • The benefits of telling
  • Effects of showing vs. telling
LINKS & SOURCES:“Show and Tell: The Key to Engaging Meaningful Storytelling,” Heather Davis, Launch Pad: The Countdown to Writing Your Book, ED. Emma Dhesi and Grace Sammon“Don’t Tell, But Show” a ... 
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