a touch of salt

by Vanessa, Marlyna, Rajitha, Kate, Jeff, Justin, Robert

Everyone is searching for truth, and we all have opinions on what we believe.

We are a group of regular people, the kind you walk past in your grocery store or at work, who have found Jesus and are pursuing Him.

We talk about topics most Christian podcasts seem to dodge (and others misunderstand), addressing them from the perspective of experience connected to scripture, and not from the cliché answers we have al ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Two Catholics and A Baptist

    Two Catholics and A Baptist

    Welcome to our official 1st episode. This sit down session we talk about the pros and cons of having a religious background upbringing and how that set us up for where we are today.

  • a touch of salt - Trailer


    a touch of salt - Trailer


    This is just a snip-bit of what to expect from ATOS podcast.