Beyond Astro Babble There's Instinct, and Intuition


Episode notes

We are in an evolutionary portal.Aries season is Western astrology’s New Year.Think Western astrology is “arbitrary” because it’s a fixed system unattached to the current Earth’s orbit?A fully realized human has components of every zodiac sign within them.Just don't start a conversation with me like this: “I’m a Cancer, with Scorpio rising, and Pisces moon, so I’m [fill in the blank]."I ignore astro babble.Astro babble is communication meant to describe a person using planets and their associated mythology to explain similarities of behavior, patterns, and moods between the human and the astrological signs.A person will say in astrological chats, “I’m a Virgo, with moon in Cancer, and rising sign a Capricorn,” as a way of describing themselves.For people in these discussions, it’s shorthand. When ... 

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