Pluto, and Saturn: Religious Failings Exposed, Spiritual Reformation Begins


Episode notes

Taylor Marsh brings receipts in this episode of ASTRAL SOUL LIGHTNING.

A podcast about making meaning, manifestation, and energies we navigate. A philosophical life hack for the Aquarian Age. Taylor's expertise? The shadow side of human beings. Translating humanity’s complex guidance systems. Standing at the leading edge of the religious and spiritual reformation.

The archetypal mythology for the many weeks ahead is buzzing with foreshadowing of change.

Planets and constellations, 1-degree new moons coupled with 29-degree endings amid tectonic shifts in orbits, full moons, a new era ahead that conjures memories of the French Revolution, and the ratification of the US Constitution. Symbolic possibilities to consider and visualize in hopes of understanding the journey we are on pe ... 

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