Fox-Trump Lies, Teen Girl Trauma, The Evolutionary Ramp


Episode notes

I’m Taylor Marsh and this is ASTRAL SOUL LIGHTNING. A podcast about making meaning, manifestation, and energies we navigate. My expertise? The shadow side of human beings.

Welcome to cosmic boot camp.

A philosophical life hack for the Aquarian Age.

Our freedoms hinge on evolution, democracy and truth.

Preparation for what’s to come in which all of us will play seminal roles. Light versus What No Longer Serves humanity and our lives. Your life matters to the tectonic evolutionary transit coming later in March.

The ramp to the future begins now in the sign of Pisces, as we leave behind what no longer serves. Pisces season begins as we feel into the New Moon on February 19th.

On March 23rd, the Piscean era ends and the Aquarian Age begins.

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