Lilith, Demons and Mary Magdalene - Part One


Episode notes

Welcome. I’m Taylor Marsh and this is ASTRAL SOUL LIGHTNING. A podcast about making meaning, manifestation, and energies we navigate. How we create through archetypes, symbols, spirituality, and our instincts and intuition. Philosophy for the Aquarian Age, to spark human imagination.

My expertise? The shadow side of human beings. Energies like law of attraction, and the intersection of culture, politics, and spirituality.

Mars went into Gemini today and will remain in this sign until March 25, 2023!

My favorite quote about this archetypal energy comes from Astrolada on YouTube: “Mars is a jerk in Gemini.”

The title of this podcast encompasses the most important energy archetypes of two women who bookend human history’s obsession with judging women to exalt men.

The d ... 

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