S01 E10 - Women On Trial By Social Media

TRIGGER WARNING: Subjects discussed in this podcast are disturbing and include spousal abuse, text exchanges in two suicide cases, and the ramifications of women on trial by social media. Caution is advised._________________One woman and two girls in different circumstances felled by social media, and their egos: Amber Heard, Michelle Car  ...  See more
Jun 04 2022

Welcome. I’m Taylor Marsh and this is ASTRAL SOUL LIGHTNING. A podcast about making meaning, manifestation, and energies we navigate. How we create through archetypes, symbols, spirituality, and our instincts and intuitions.

My expertise? The shadow side of human beings. The energies like law of attraction, and the intersection of culture, politics, and spirituality.

A cultural bomb went off this week when the jury delivered their verdict on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Social media had weighed in before the verdict. Amber Heard had lost, big time. But she lost this suit the instant Mr. Depp filed against her.

Why does the trial and the verdict matter?

I didn’t watch the trial. I read about it but stayed away from social media until the verdict was announced, then I poured through ev

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