BA Brew - A Business Analysis Podcast

by AssistKD

Our podcast is a chance to tune into our musings on a range of subjects from the use of business analysis tools and techniques to the books we like that are helpful for business change professionals.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 8

  • Bravery in Business Analysis (Feat. Kay Hardy & Charlie Payne)

    Bravery in Business Analysis (Feat. Kay Hardy & Charlie Payne)

    This BA Brew is all about bravery, asking what bravery is and how we can develop it. Charlie Payne and Kay Hardy join the Brew Crew to try to answer these questions and more. The discussion includes: how elements of police training can also apply to business analysis; a great skiing analogy; building resilience; psychological safety; power poses; and more. During the BA Brew, Amy Cuddy’s TED talk Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are is referenced, and also her book Presence. #businessanalysis #businessanalyst #bravery #challenging #businesschange #bodylanguage #managingstakeholders #designthinking #BA

  • Agile Business Analysis (2nd Edition)

    Agile Business Analysis (2nd Edition)

    If you are interested in Agile, you won’t want to miss this. This BA Brew is all about the second edition of ‘Agile Business Analysis: Practical guidance for IT professionals’ by Lynda Girvan and Debra Paul. Watch as the authors discuss what readers can expect from the revised and updated edition, including: ⭐ the latest Agile developments ⭐ new techniques ⭐ new thinking ⭐ real-life case-studies where experienced practitioners share challenges and lessons learned. The wide-ranging discussion covers organisational agility and the role of the BA; the relevance of the Agile Manifesto; how to apply Agile in an informed and relevant way; the increased focus on the customer and much more. #agile #IT #businessanalysis #businessanalyst #businesschange #digital #agilebusinessanalysis

  • BAQT - The Brew Crew answer your Questions!

    BAQT - The Brew Crew answer your Questions!

    In this special edition of our BA Brew, it’s BA Question Time! Mike Williams presides as AssistKD’s Fiona Bruce with Debra Paul and Jonathan Hunsley as the panellists. This week’s questions are: ❓Should BAs understand commerce/business? ❓How can a BA team of 20 balance sharing knowledge and experience as a team with time on their own projects? ❓How do I bring together a group of professionals working in and around the business analysis space together to add value to the business? ❓Business Analysts often feel overlooked. How can we raise the profile of the profession? ❓What’s going to be in fashion in the BA World this year? Do you have a question for our next BA Question Time? If so, please email us on or post on our wall on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. The following BA Brews and articles are relevant to the answers given: Adair’s model of action centred leadership addresses balances the team, the task and the individual. This article on inclusive leadership. This article on establishing a centralised Community of Practice. This article on creating a BA Service Definition. BA Brew 68: Stepping Beyond the BA toolbox BA Brew 44: Building a BA Community #BAQT #businessanalysis #businessanalyst #BAtoolkit #leadership #teamwork #business

  • How to start your BA career (feat. Timothy Clark & Michelle Shakesheff)

    How to start your BA career (feat. Timothy Clark & Michelle Shakesheff)

    In our latest brew Jonathan Hunsley and Nicole Alderton are joined by Michelle Shakesheff and Tim Clark of Close Bros to share their thoughts on getting started in a BA career. They share insights on the different modes of learning available to build the professional toolkit, the importance of mentoring and stepping out of your comfort zone to take on new challenges. Handily, they also delve into the sources and benefits of ongoing self-development. With so many structured routes into business analysis, including the BA apprenticeship, perhaps gone are the days of simply drifting into the BA career. #businessanalysis #ba #businessanalysis #growthmindset #mentor #apprenticeships

  • The Human Element (Feat. Helen Holder)

    The Human Element (Feat. Helen Holder)

    The pandemic and new technology have changed the way we work, but how are we responding as humans? Special guest Helen Holder considers the human element of our professional lives in this fascinating BA Brew. Topics include: how we respond to our work, interact with stakeholders and deal with change; the personal attributes of BAs, business architects and service designers; investing in personal growth; the strength inventory; resilience and the growth mindset and more. Helen Holder is a Senior Business Analyst and BA of the Year Finalist 2022. If you enjoy this BA Brew, you may also enjoy the following articles: Resilience Resources You can’t spell Challenge without Change Helen referenced the following books during the conversation: Leadersmithing by Eve Pool Who You Are is How You Lead by Rachel L. Rider The following BA Brews may be of interest. BA Brew 20 on Resilience; BA Brew 30 on Confidence; BA Brew 50 on Stepping out of your Comfort Zone; BA Brew 62 on Advice that Got Us Through Life and BA Brew 69 on Self Assessment and Development tools. #charactercrafting #growthmindset #businessanalyst #businessanalysis #servicedesign #BA #personalitytools