How to Use Your Genes to Change Your Body with Dr. Tyler Panzner

The Ask Amberleigh Show by Amberleigh Carter

Episode notes

Welcome to the re-launch of the 'Ask Amberleigh' Podcast! Season 2 is starting off with a very exciting guest: Dr. Tyler Panzner, Ph.D in Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology and Holistic Genetic Health Optimization Coach.

In this episode, Tyler and Amberleigh sit down in Austin, TX, where they met at a biohacking conference. The two discuss their different backgrounds, their research, and their own unique experiences and perspectives that will bring you some of the most cutting-edge concepts to your health and changing your body.

For instance, Amberleigh talks about the power behind beliefs and emotions, and how those create an unwinding effect on the DNA. Tyler takes it further, saying that when your DNA unwinds, it unlocks the information in that gene and allows it to express, making that information accessible in your body to inf ... 

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