Episode 9: The Best She's Ever Had--Stealth Detox Water with Lakota Muenala

The Ask Amberleigh Show by Amberleigh Carter

Episode notes

After a very stressful year, Amberleigh needed support for her physical body to recover. Having noticed her hair thinning, her body feeling inflamed, her thoughts being all over the place...she was on a hunt for some help...and help fell into her lap!

Stealth Detox Water is a hydrogen clustered water that hydrates the body 8x faster than regular water. Not only that, the biggest game-changer for Amberleigh was that it's a negatively-charged ionic water, which is the natural frequency of the earth, aka this water energetically grounds your physical body (which bottled water cannot do)! Amberleigh was looking for grounding, and this did the trick...and then some!

Her results were both immediate and continual...enough to make Amberleigh want to find out the science behind this water and how she could share it with her clients, loved o ... 

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