Art Works In Therapy

by Jon Ehinger LCAT, ATR-BC

Clinical conversations in this podcast are intended for educational and testimonial purposes. Jon Ehinger is a New York licensed and board certified psychotherapist in private practice at

Podcast episodes

  • Creative Arts Entrepreneurship

    Creative Arts Entrepreneurship

    Emery Mikel ATR-BC, LCAT, LPAT is the founder and director of Water & Stone and Firefly & Phoenix with her first book: The Art of Business: A Guide for Creative Arts Therapists Starting on a Path to Self-Employment

  • Artist Therapist Song-Painter

    Artist Therapist Song-Painter

    Bruce L. Moon ATR-BC, HLM, PhD connected with his patients by painting along side them through their longterm psych hospitalizations. His open studio approach influenced clinicians over many generations with book highlights including Dynamics of Art as Therapy with Adolescents, The Role of Metaphor in Art Therapy, and Existential Art Therapy: The Canvas Mirror discussed in this podcast. He continues to record and perform all music on this podcast ®Bruce Moon

  • Classmates reminisce art therapy training at Pratt

    Classmates reminisce art therapy training at Pratt

    Melissa Diaz and host discuss art therapy training stories in lieu of being classmates of Art Robbins retirement class at Pratt Institute. For more information about Melissa Diaz go to and links to the late Dr Arthur Robbins

  • The healing power of Art

    The healing power of Art

    Renowned author and educator, Shaun McNiff, walks listeners through various artistic healing processes as an expressive therapies group leader. Reference links: How Art Heals video from London Art Therapy Centre

  • Art therapy mentor and mentees reconnect and recount each others impact

    Art therapy mentor and mentees reconnect and recount each others impact

    Artist and therapist, Maxine Hull, reconnects with her students Melissa Walker and Jon Ehinger after several decades to reflect on how her intro to art therapy class was instrumental in launching successful careers.