S01 E05 - The Human in Human Resources

ARTS. WORK. LIFE. by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals
An organization is the sum of its people, so decisions about who to recruit, who to hire, and who to fire radically shape an organization's work culture. This is especially true in the human-centered work of the arts, where culture matters. The storytellers in Episode 5 put the human back in human resources as they share personal experien  ...  See more
Jul 26 2022


Claire: So I don’t have data in front of me but anecdotally, it seems like people who lead performing arts organizations usually have a background in the performing arts.

But this is where Yukio Kuniyuki is unique:

Yukio: I am the executive director at the San Angelo Performing Arts Center out in West Texas.

??And before that, I was a recently-retired US Army officer having served 22 and a half years.

Claire: Yukio says that there are a lot of similarities between running a performing arts organization, and serving in the military.

Yukio: It seems like an unlikely marriage between the army and the arts, but really, they have a lot of things that they share in common.

In the performing arts we have a really important mission that's continuous, you have to t

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