S01 E04 - Space, Place and Community

ARTS. WORK. LIFE. by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals
“Community” is a popular buzzword in the performing arts, but how do we truly deliver on its promise? It takes intentional effort to build a supportive work community, secure community gathering spaces, find a place to belong, and truly serve our audiences. The storytellers in Episode 4 share their unique experiences with space, place and  ...  See more
Jul 19 2022

Rick: It was just stunning. I'd go to Times Square on my bike and just and I would see absolutely no one. When normally you would see – literally – a million people and not see one person.
Claire: When the pandemic started in March 2020, Rick Whitaker had been working at Columbia University in New York for almost two decades.

And he loved his job. As a concert manager for the University's Italian Academy, he had a lot of creative freedom, and was proud to bring unique shows to the city
Rick: Namely very old and especially very new classical music that might without us actually go un performed in New York City. Things went pretty smoothly along for some 18 years until the pandemic.
Claire: With all his performances canceled, Rick was nervous about his job. But the

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