S01 E02 - Money, Money, Money: Hustle or Bust

ARTS. WORK. LIFE. by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals
Let’s leave the “starving artist” trope firmly in the past -- The stories in Episode 2 are all about money: staying in the green while promoting pay equity, doing the hustle, healthcare scares, and making money by making change.Introduction: “In The Green” with Lynn Neuman, who lives in Benton Harbor, Michigan and is the artistic director  ...  See more
Jul 05 2022

Claire: Lynn Neuman has spent her entire adult life in New York City. but it didn't have everything she was looking for.

Lynn: As food prices are rising astronomically. I'm like, I want to grow my own food. I wanted a garden, and I wanted my dog have a little more space.

Claire: So when the pandemic shut down the city, she decided to temporarily relocate to Michigan.

Lynn: I thought I’d try my hand at growing something, so I stuck some tomato seeds and some pepper seeds and some arugula seeds in the ground.

Claire: Lynn is the artistic director of Artichoke Dance Company, which is based in Brooklyn. Even though she left the city behind, she didn't abandon her dancers.

Lynn: And the dancers, all their gigs, other gigs had dried up. They rely on lots of things to make money teaching yog

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