Inclusion: What Does It Mean to Be “In the Room”?

ARTS. WORK. LIFE. by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals

Episode notes

The word inclusion is heard a lot in the arts industry, but are we truly inclusive? Episode 1 explores who is and isn't in the room, disability and access, the toll of leading DEI efforts, and choosing which community to serve and why.

Introduction: “Language Barriers” with Claudia Norman, an independent producer, artistic director and cultural worker based in Queens, New York.

Act One: “The First Step” with Lynne Jordan, a Chicago-based singer, band leader, writer and emcee.

Act Two: “Unfiltered” with Michael Sakamoto, the performing arts curator and director of the Asian and Asian-American Arts and culture program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Fine Arts Center.

Act Three: “Going In Circles” with Anthony Torres, former trauma therapist and ex ... 

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