S01 E01 - Inclusion: What Does It Mean to Be “In the Room”?

ARTS. WORK. LIFE. by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals
The word inclusion is heard a lot in the arts industry, but are we truly inclusive? Episode 1 explores who is and isn't in the room, disability and access, the toll of leading DEI efforts, and choosing which community to serve and why.Introduction: “Language Barriers” with Claudia Norman, an independent producer, artistic director and cul  ...  See more
Jun 28 2022

Claudia: Ugh my neighbor ...Can you hear the piano? My next door neighbor is is a pianist So if you hear a piano in the background, so is my neighbor playing live *laugh*

Claire: Claudia Norman lives in Jackson Heights, a neighborhood in Queens, New York, and Like many people who work in the arts, Claudia wears a lot of different hats: independent producer, artistic director, cultural worker

Claudia: When I say cultural worker, I mean, I’m presenting projects in the international arena. So my focus is to bring voices and cultural projects into the United States.

Claire: Because Claudia brings voices into the arts industry, she can immediately tell when a space is missing something, like a key perspective. And at the start of the pandemic, she was invited to a lot of working groups.


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