UX as the AI Differentiator: AI for WhatsApp, Apple WWDC, Runway ML text-to-video

Artificially Intelligent Marketing by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

Episode notes

Join Paul and Martin in diving deep into the latest AI and machine learning developments for marketers. We've got a lot of fascinating topics to cover, including major funding rounds, legal considerations, generative video and image tools, computing performance optimization, and Meta's AI roadmap. We'll also explore how AI is transforming various industries and the implications for marketers.

Apple WWDC: Vision Pro and ML features

  • Apple announces the Vision Pro headset and various machine learning (ML) features during WWDC.

  • The focus on machine learning rather than AI sparks discussions on social media about Apple's approach.

  • Autocorrect, dictation, iPadOS PDF features, AirPods Adaptive Audio, and more utilize machine learning models.

  • Apple emphasises features rathe ... 

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