GPT-4 Rumours, AI for CRMs, Domain specific LLMs

Artificially Intelligent Marketing by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

Episode notes


Paul welcomes listeners to the show and provides a brief overview of what to expect in this episode.

The focus of the show is on trends, tips, and tools of marketing AI.

This week's episode begins with Paul answering a listener's question: what tools did you use to create the first episode?

Story 1: Imminent release of GPT-4

Microsoft Germany announced the imminent release of GPT-4, which will feature multimodal models with video capabilities.

The AI community expects GPT-4 to be an input rather than an output tool.

Martin and Paul discuss the potential impact of GPT-4 on marketers.

Story 2: Rise of the CRM AI assistants

Paul and Martin talk about the launch of CRM AI assistants such as HubSpot' ... 

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