Marketing AI Toolkit, Jasper AI's Evolution, AI Copyright Quandaries, and Celebrity Chatbots

Artificially Intelligent Marketing by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

Episode notes

Diving Deep: Paul and Martin's AI Toolkit Revealed

Join the discussion as Paul and Martin unveil their go-to AI tools that power their daily operations and innovative ventures. From content creation to data analysis, discover the cutting-edge solutions that are reshaping their approach to marketing.

Jasper's End-to-End AI Copilot: Elevating Marketing Teams

Jasper transitions from a generative AI tool to a holistic AI copilot for marketers. With features bridging strategy and execution, real-time analytics, company knowledge storage, enhanced team collaboration, enterprise integration, and more, Jasper shifts from cost-saving to revenue generation.

Universal Music vs. Anthropic: Navigating the AI-Generated Lyrics Copyright Quagmire

Universal Music takes on Anthropic i ... 

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