AI at #INBOUND23 and Beyond: HubSpot's AI Roadmap, ChatGPT Enterprise, Google Duet AI, and Ideogram

Artificially Intelligent Marketing by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

Episode notes

In this week's episode, we're diving into some groundbreaking updates that are set to revolutionise the marketing landscape. From OpenAI's ChatGPT Enterprise to HubSpot's AI roadmap and Google's Duet AI, we've got a lot to cover. Plus, we have an exclusive interview with Jeff Coyle, co-founder of MarketMuse. Let's get into it!

ChatGPT Enterprise: A Game-Changer for Businesses

OpenAI has just rolled out ChatGPT Enterprise, a robust version of ChatGPT tailored for business needs. This isn't just a chatbot; it's a full-fledged business assistant. Here's what you need to know:

  • Enterprise-Level Security: Your data is safe, thanks to AES 256 encryption and SOC 2 compliance.

  • Scalability

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