Emotion, Voice, and Visuals: PlayHT2.0 and HeyGen's Innovations in AI

Artificially Intelligent Marketing by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

Episode notes

In this week's episode of Artificially Intelligent Marketing, we dive into the latest advancements in AI, from the groundbreaking PlayHT2.0 voice model to the lifelike realism of AI avatars by HeyGen. We also explore the new features of ChatSpot, the potential of Stability AI's Beluga Models, and much more. Details below:

Unleashing the Power of Emotion with PlayHT2.0 - The New Conversational AI Voice Model - PlayHT has taken a giant leap with PlayHT2.0, introducing the ability to control emotional expression in synthesized speech. From happiness to fear, the model's versatility opens up creative possibilities. We discuss the enhancements, including real-time low-latency speech generation and its potential impact on marketing, podcasts, and advertisements.

AI Avatars Go Viral with Lifelike Realism- He ... 

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