The AI Gazette: The Latest from ChatGPT, Meta and Google

Artificially Intelligent Marketing by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

Episode notes

After a two-week break, Paul and Martin return with a heap of AI news from the last two weeks. Strap in!

  • ChatGPT user growth may have stalled, with data suggesting fewer users in June compared to May.
  • OpenAI provided all API users access to GPT 4, a significant development for developers using the API.
  • ChatGPT's internet access was revoked due to users bypassing paywalls and accessing gated content on news sites.
  • OpenAI's team is building a human-level automated alignment researcher to scale efforts and align superintelligence more effectively.
  • OpenAI made Code Interpreter available to everyone, enabling various functionalities within the chat, data analysis, visualization, predictive modeling, and more.
  • OpenAI seeks new data sources, striking deals with Shutterstock and the Associated Press.
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