S01 E07 - Solar Alliance and Knoxville Habitat for Humanity

Around The House with Scott Brockamp by Scott Brockamp
Solar Alliance and Habitat for Humanity. Busting the myths about solar as well as learning about renewable energy.Learn about Knoxville Habit for Humanity and how you can help, and don't forget about the Restore in Downtown West.
May 07 2023

The patio, wherever it is, and join this beautiful day, sipping a nice cup of coffee or whatever
it is that you like to wake up to in the morning, I'm just glad that it's my voice today.
So good morning and welcome to Around the House.
My name is Scott Brokamp.
I am the founder and one of the owners of his security and technology.
And I have the great honor to, well, to get this show to continue on for hopefully many,
many more years to come.
So thank you for joining us this morning.
Right now we're going to have a little bit of an overcast day here this morning.
The sun's going to peak out a little bit later and should be a nice warm, yeah, you know,
74, 76 degrees today.
Should be enjoyable.
So get outside and well, just enjoy this beautiful day that Mother Nature has made.
If you need s

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