Episode 100: Jerone Davison, Native Grill, Phoenix May 14, 2024

Arizona Liberty Podcast by Neil Gunter

Episode notes

Amazing and fun event! This was a great, grass roots, localized event, where Jerone Davison, candidate for Congressional District 4 met with the People. Davison is the ONLY candidate taking his message straight to the people, because it is the People he intends to represent. Because this was a local crowd, everyone got to know Jerone just a little more!

Visit his site: https://jeroneforcongress.com/

From the Davison site:

"Jerone is a former Arizona State University student athlete and NFL player who travels the country sharing inspiration, passion, and faith. His unifying speeches full of truth, faith, and freedom of this country are memorable and moving.

He spent his childhood growing up in the deep so ... 

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