Episode 97: Letty Perkins from the Perkins Report

Arizona Liberty Podcast by Neil Gunter

Episode notes

Get prepared for Episode 97!

In this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Leticia Victoria Perkins, the creator and host of the Perkins Report. We discussed a range of topics, including her start in media, her activism, and her involvement in local politics, such as grassroots movements and community organization efforts across different states. With a background as a political consultant and extensive network spanning various states, Letty offered profound insights into governmental malfeasance and the intricate web of human trafficking.

Our discussion scrutinized the multifaceted issue of human trafficking, revealing its systemic complexities. Letty shed light on the inherent flaws within our judicial systems and child protection services, highlighting prevalent corruption and racial biases.

However, amidst these chall ... 

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