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Conversing on Climate Change with Julian Schütter

Arc City by Jimmy Krupka

Episode notes

We might as well talk about it, right? Austrian speed skier and climate advocate Julian Schütter visits Arc City (1:57) to work through this often-polarizing topic. We start from the very basic “Is climate change real?” and progress through every tough question I can muster. Julian does not pretend to be a scientist, but he’s well-read on the subject and has conversed deeply about this before, which is partly why I chose to interview him. I also chose him because he is helping lead the movement that is demanding the International Ski Federation (FIS) try harder to reduce emissions. No matter your thoughts on this issue, I guarantee you’ll learn something by listening. If you get to the end, I have a little History Crumb about the last glacial maximum (1:04:46).

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