Arcade Militia

by Jackie Comics

The best takes about videogames, books, movies and media - talking about the culture and context around them, not just the art. Jackie and Stef are two incredibly curious, inquisitive and imaginative sapphics that love to talk about all pieces of media and how they change our perception of other media. Come on and join the meta talk!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Gay Roadtrip! - Get in the Car, Loser!

    Gay Roadtrip! - Get in the Car, Loser!

    What's the second best thing after a beautiful roadtrip with 4 amazing, funny queer sapphics? I'll tell you what, staying at home for 12 hours straight beating a videogame about a beautiful roadtrip with 4 funny queer sapphics! This episode Stef and Jackie talk about Get in the Car, Loser! An amazing queer active turn-based combat game that tackles prejudice, bigotry and self-hatred. Stick around and enjoy the sights with us as we talk about our favorite aspects of this game!

  • Hidden Gay Gem! - Super Lesbian Animal RPG

    Hidden Gay Gem! - Super Lesbian Animal RPG

    Today on Arcade Militia we might be covering our newest favorite queer game! With a great mix of traditional turn-based RPG mechanics and amazing writing, Super Lesbian Animal RPG shocks us with how polished and fun it is to play. Representation is great, good writing is amazing - but having just a super fun game to play is truly special! Join us as we delve deep into why this game got us hooked!

  • Sapphics in '86 - HK Summer's End and Lake!

    Sapphics in '86 - HK Summer's End and Lake!

    Back to the era of larger than life shoulderpads, incredible volumous hair and incredibly forced heteronormative behavior as we go back to the 80's! To kickstart our new season (and to kickstart pride month) we are shifting gears as Arcade Militia now will focus 100% on Queer Games - games where LGBTQIA+ identities and experiences are the primary focus! This week we take a look at two games, Hong Kong 1986's Summer's End and Lake as we talk about the games and how they tackle lesbianism in the not-so friendly times of the 80's. As always you can support us on patreon at! We hope you enjoy this new direction and these new episodes we have prepared!

  • Season 1

  • Saints Row and Older Games!

    Saints Row and Older Games!

    The new Saints Row game is out! And Stef forces Jackie to play through all the games so they can have a fun discussion about what is a Saints Row and how much does this new one differs from the rest. Spoiler: A lot but not much - but it still manages to miss the mark.

  • Road 96 and Dystopian Puzzles!

    Road 96 and Dystopian Puzzles!

    Games are complicated. In most of them, you are a superhero, a force to be recognized with or something even superior to that in the case of strategy games or management ones - but some games are happy to just have you be a normal citizen in a different world, trying to survive and get by. This episode we explore these games that have you play as common folk in weird, dystopian worlds and give you a choice in making the world a better place.