Anti-Racism and the Disciplines: Trailer

Anti-Racism and the Disciplines by Tulane University School of Liberal Arts

Episode notes

Where do college majors come from? Where are they headed?

Anti-Racism and the Disciplines is a podcast miniseries that answers these questions by exploring the social, political, and cultural forces that helped shape the liberal arts as we know them today, and by advancing ideas for more equitable and welcoming practices in higher education.

Host Brian Edwards, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts at Tulane University, interviews leading Black scholars to examine the complex histories of the disciplines in the liberal arts and to reimagine the kind of anti-racist scholarship and teaching that the next generation might do.

This podcast features a broad scope of the liberal arts, ranging from older disciplines like philosophy, classics, and literature, to key disciplines in the social sciences—sociology, economics, and political sci ... 

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