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When We Write We Listen to Ourselves: Letters from the Imaginary Border Between Research and Friendship - Ana Chirițoiu and Izabela Tiberiade

AnthroArt by Antropedia / Namla / Ambigrama

Episode notes
Ami and Izabela are friends. One is an ethnic Romanian and a PhD candidate in anthropology, the other, thirteen years her junior, is an ethnic Roma and an undergraduate student. Their friendship took off when Ami was doing her field research about kinship among Roma. Izabela was fresh out of high school at the time; she taught Ami the Romani language and answered all her questions about Roma (even the silly ones). While she was explaining the world she had been raised in, with its practices and values, to the researcher that had moved in with her family, Izabela started to ask her own questions about the world Ami came from. A few years later, in the letters below, they talked about a recently published book written by a Spanish anthropologist, Paloma Gay y Blasco, together with her gitana friend, Liria Hernández, with whom Paloma had conducted her  ...   ...  Read more