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Material, social and political implications of work in and beyond Galați, Romania - Gerard A. Weber, Ph.D.

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Episode notes
In the last greater than thirty years, the work lives of blue-collar people in Galați, Romania has fundamentally changed. After decades of state-guaranteed employment, many starting in the 1990s were forced into early retirement or made redundant when industrial units were privatized and restructured or closed entirely. Local options for training and re-employment in the industrial sector were few, forcing many to either migrate outside Romania for work, or accept positions in the city with many disadvantages, including low wages, limited benefits, rigid work schedules and inferior working conditions. Embracing an approach applied by Rothstein during 40 years of study in Mexico (2014), this contribution, which is based on a research interest of almost two decades in Galați, looks at the influence that the working lives of members of the working cla ...   ...  Read more