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’Are you biased?’: the complexity of researching & advising on inclusion in the public eye - Rosalie Post

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Episode notes

In this paper, I ponder a research project that I was a part of, during my employ­ment at a research consultancy. I want to use it as a case study, to raise some ethical questions I have no definite answers to: how do we do research on diversity & inclusion, particularly for public policy, and how do we do it in an ethical way? And what are the best/right policy choices? When it comes to the positionality of a research consultant and policy advisor in housing (this was my job title), how could I have ever known for sure if my advice was any good?

The paper dives into a project I did a few years ago where we were asked to do research on the possibility of discrimination among a student population who choose their own house mates from the candidates. The housing is cheap and good quality and the waitlist for it is long. The case highlight ... 

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